Ways to Increase the Resale Value of Your Home (Continued)

Bigger Projects

There are of course bigger projects and home renovation and plastering work that can add significant value to a house when hiring a plasterer in Melbourne.

Update Your Bathroom

Home Renovations Budget

It can be as simple as project as re tiling your bathroom which would give the appearance of your bathroom a fresh feel to it and make it very appealing to potential buyers. Other low cost ideas are updating the fittings taps/shower curtain/basins etc, this can make the room look new without having to spend a lot of money if the rest of the room is in good condition already. However, a full renovation of this room can clearly persuade a buyer that the house is ready to move into and is worth the money you are asking.

Renovate Your Kitchen

Kitchen renovation Melbourne plastering

The average kitchen renovation costs anything from $7,500 – $25,000 depending on taste and the size of the work. It is always important to remember to try and aim for a more modern approach as this will appease a wider field of buyers, as opposed to those with more traditional tastes. Be careful not to go overboard and think of the resale margin against what you spend. This can be one of the most important rooms when deciding whether or not to buy a property so it is definitely something to consider.

Convert The Attic

Attic Renovation Melbourne Plasterer

This can add up to 20% of value onto a property so it is worth serious consideration. These are so appealing because the extra room can have many purposes it could be a living room, play room, guest room or storage space or even man cave! This is one of the bigger projects so expect to pay more for the work, but the return will be greater.

Attic Renovation Melbourne Plastering

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